Stan Solomon

Stan Solomon is a long time prominent conservative voice in talk radio and new media. His show Talk To Solomon is seen across the USA and around the globe by millions of viewers on multiple new media platforms. Stan is a rock solid voice of conservative values and his show looks at current events and trends that are shaping the future of our country and world. Many of Stan's guests are the giants of conservative movement like Alan Keys, Phylis Schlafly, Larry Pratt, Floyd Brown etc. He also gives opportunity and voice to those people who have been harmed by government overreaching or error. Stan's web site is here.

Larry Pratt, Executive Director of Gun Owners of America

A frequent quest of the Talk to Solomon Show, Larry Pratt is nationally known from his appearances defending 2nd Amendment rights on national broadcast TV and cable networks. His segments on the Stan Solomon Show are always informative with updates on legislative and other news. Larry is also known for being a motivator of the grass roots to impact legislative and electoral issues. Larry shows the way by speaking across the nation as well as walking neighborhoods for candidates who are pro-constitution and 2nd Amendment. The Gun Owners of America web site is here.

Floyd Brown, President Western Center for Journalism

The Western Center for Journalism is a nonprofit foundation dedicated to informing and equipping Americans who love freedom. Floyd has been a long time guest of the Talk to Solomon Show bringing viewers his keen conservative insight in to the current events. His latest book, Obama Enemies List: How Barack Obama Intimidated America and Stole the Election, was released in January 2013. The Western Journalism Center web site is here.

Alan Keyes

Alan Keyes is Christian, Catholic, Pro-life and pro-liberty. He is a long time pillar of the pro-life and pro constitution movement speaking from coast to coast and writing in major publications. As a regular guest on Talk To Solomon Alan has spoken for people to return to godliness. Alan urges us to take a stand against the elitist tyranny and for freedom and our constitutional republic. His commentary on the stories of our day is both insightful and profound and often make Talk To Solomon episodes classics to be viewed over and over. Alan Keyes web site is here.

Phyllis Schlafly

A frequent guest of the Stan Solomon Show is Phylis Schlafly founder of the Eagle Forum. She is a Constitutional Lawyer and has written on a host of subjects over her career. She has covered things including the role and importance of Christian women, strategic military planning/space weapons, education and school agendas. Here most recent works are "No Higher Power: Obama's War on Reigious Freedom" and "The Supermecists" about the Juduciary's power grab. Other books by Phyllis Schlafly:

  • A Choice Not an Echo (1964)
  • The Power of the Positive Woman (1977)
  • Child Abuse in the Classroom. (1984, 1985, 1993)

The Eagle Forum web site is here.

Bill Frady

Bill Frady is a fervent defender of our God given, Constitutionally protected rights including the right to keep and bear arms. His focus is on educating his audience to the importance of and the increasing threats to our rights in recent years. Bill is a military veteran who feels personally called to ongoing defense of our nation. He does this with his own radio show: Lock and Load Radio. Bill Frady's web site is here.