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In the morning, the gray sky, the four hairs who are ready to show their talents at the Liuyi Wushu Conference came to the martial arts hall together with his younger��s younger brother Black Bean said: ��Black beans, do you know how powerful your brother is?�� After that, he rubbed his nose with his fingers and glanced at the black beans. The two eyebrows looked up and the eyes narrowed into a seam. Open your mouth, laugh. I said with a sigh of relief: "I wanted to go all over the world at the end of the year. I visited thousands of famous teachers and practiced my skills. You can do anything with your brother. This is a first-rate work. Last year��s martial arts conference, I participated. The leg press competition, the eyes of the whole world are gathered on me, the taste can not be said. At that time, they gave me twenty bricks, and your brother went up, the bricks became two Half []Cheap Newport Shorts Free Shipping[/url], you said, I am not very powerful." Said proudly patted the shoulders of black beans.... is it true?" Black Beans widened his eyes and asked in is also used to say, who is your brother, it is your honor to be my teacher." Four hairs look even more fascinating.k Bean said: "My God, there are such powerful people, the foot of the teacher should be given to me."Mao clap his hands and seems to be preparing for the exercise. He said to the black beans: "Beans, let me move the bricks!"ack beans quickly obeyed and quickly moved three bricks from the outside construction site. He squatted and must respect the bricks. Please lift up your feet and put them on the shelves []Cheap Newport 100S Free Shipping[/url]. Four hairs lifted their feet easily and placed them on the bricks. He looked at the younger brother triumphantly. He put his hands in his waist and thought: This little trick, trying to stump me, is really self-reliant. He shouted: "Beans, add a few more, these few pieces are too little!"ck beans rushed to move, he even worshipped the teacher, and simply bent over 100 degrees to send bricks for four hairs. After setting up, Si Mao raised his foot, and some of them struggled to stand up. His left foot had already picked up a little. He thought: Now it is so hard, what should I do when I have five pieces? Admit defeat? No, no, I can hardly let the younger brother admire me. I must regain my dignity and perform well. Even if it is the most difficult, I must hold on, let the beech head smash me. Thinking about it, he showed a big smile. He stood there with a hard chest, and he only thought about one word: never admit defeat! He shouted again: "Beans, don't sharpen, just add!" beans immediately moved to the bricks, and the four furs picked up their left feet, grabbed their buttocks with their hands, and lifted their right feet up on the rack. Suddenly, the pain was transmitted to the whole body from the foot and other parts. The tears swirled in the eyelids. He closed his eyes and tried to keep the tears in the body and did not flow out. Because of too much effort, the four hairs of the four hairs were also erected.n the black beans met, they were so scared that they quickly put down the bricks in their hands and almost reached their toes. He quickly asked: "Teacher, what's wrong with you? Also... need []Wholesale Newport Cigarette Store[/url]" The four hairs opened their mouths and whispered: " thought: I must insist, because persistence is victory, I want the world to know the name of my four hairs, but also let them know that I am a high-legged master, the world's first! Come on, four hairs, you are the beans moved to the bricks, and the bricks were already higher than the waist of the four hairs. He himself did not expect that his own bragging can really harm others and is not good for his own body. He knows that if he goes on like this, the cowhide will be blown, his body will also cross, but he still believes in a philosophy: he is the best, and he can succeed. the previous few times, he still used his right foot to cross, but he was too short, and he couldn't cross it. Time passed by, but he couldn't cross it, even though he was squatting. Once and for all, he did not succeed. The black bean discovered that the teacher he worshipped was not as mighty as he imagined, so tall, and all this was pretending to be. If you go to the competition with such achievements, you will definitely be beaten by others, and there is not much room for it []Wholesale Cigarettes Marlboro Online[/url]. beans shouted: "Teacher, don't pretend, you can't cross the six bricks. You are just screaming, bragging, you just want to make your reputation famous. Now I have seen you. Really, you are no longer my brother, because you are not worthy, I don��t want to be with a bragging and poor grades every day, and I��ll save some gossip. In the end, I advise you, don��t be embarrassed. Let's admit the mistake to the teacher. If you go to the competition, it will only discredit the class, so the teacher will never trust you."ao listened and stunned. He thought: Isn��t he doing so well? How can you show the stuffing? A breeze blew through, and he suddenly understood: paper can't be wrapped []Wholesale Menthol Cigarettes[/url], fire, and the best things that are hidden will one day show up. The real talents are worthy of admiration.evening, Si Mao personally came to the teacher's home to admit the mistake, the teacher canceled his qualifications, but he returned to the black bean master.

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