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Introduce of Stellite Alloy 6

Stellite 6 is the most widely used of the wear resistant cobalt-based alloys and exhibits good all-round performance.

Stellite Alloy 6 stator and rotor are made of Cobalt-chromium Alloy 6 , as its great wear and corrosion resistance . different specification upon customer drawing or request .

Cobalt based alloy/stellite alloy is a range of cobalt-chromium-tungsten alloys designed for wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high termal resistance. It has excellent wear and corrosion resistance performance at relatively high temperature. It is widely used in oil&gas, metallurgy, machinery, wood cutting, automotive, paper and food processing industries etc.

Stellite Alloy 6 Application:

These kind of rotor and stator mixer are used in Oil development and drilling equipment in oil and gas industry . as its great wear and corrosion resistance .

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