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This time, two people in the Nankoku vacation Shochiku entertainment challenge the summer-only mini-game "Diving" currently being held at "Torum Online". While challenging the score, compete for the subject that was issued. In addition, made a confrontation of creating my room. Which would you like to create a better match for my subject "Summer".

Also, a tropical vacation challenges the current Halloween event "Chapter". Clear the mission of a mini game that escapes from a ghost while unraveling a mystery, and present a variety of items useful for adventure to a viewer. In addition, "Taurum Kawanagi" introducing Sawayanagi that was recruited in advance from users was carried out. For those introduced in the program, we will present an item "Superlea Gem" whose drop rate is increased.

In the new function "cultivation", from the "My room" menu "Garden management" to the vegetable garden and cultivate and manage various plants. When you introduce many chemical points when cultivating, higher quality plants grow. From high quality plants, you can harvest more ingredients points and items. You can make various dishes using ingredient points earned by harvest. When you stand in front of the cooking system furniture installed in the room, an icon appears. You can check the menu that can be created with the icon tap. You can also "pinch" dishes made by other players, as well as dishes created by yourself. If you eat dishes you can get various buffing effects. Make a variety of dishes and eat and have fun. Best and Cheapest Toram Online Gold For Sale -

It is a powerful skill that becomes invincible while using. With one-handed sword, the probability of giving a state anomaly "dizziness" increases, and fellow assistance can be done. If you use it with a two-handed sword it will demonstrate even higher attack power. New scenario "Chaotic truth" has been released. A black knight squadron head "Olunraf" stands in front of the heroes. The hero who finished the death battle with the enemy 'Orlunraf' will head to the new map 'between Emperor' s Tamazo '. The interior of the emperor throne "which becomes the back of the map" Ultimere Palace ". There is a story mission boss monster waiting there.

Added "Porde ice valley" and "Sorfini mountain fortress" are mountainous areas where frozen ice and snow covers the ground. A powerful boss monster "Dark Knight Inzanio" awaits you at the "Sorfini Mountain Fortress" behind the snowy mountain and you get a new equipment item. In addition, in Porte Glacier, a portal will appear that allows you to go to the event map "Nabata's fragments" for the Christmas event period only.

The theme is "Ghost story of Tauram". We selected the best letter from among the senryu previously recruited and presented "Ultimate Gem". Opened the map "Hora Diomida" a warp portal that can fight with the limited time boss "Death Spirit Usa Sama". In addition to distributing 1 shrimp ball at a later date to all players who have won the "deadly use Usasama", a campaign will also be held for 20 people to win gorgeous shimmabin items by lottery from among the players who have been subjugated.

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