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These are not personal attacks, I was responded to by you, so I'm replying to you. And I never said his view was wrong, like I said in my comment. That linear demo for him was horrible, but I would not go around telling other people it was underwhelming as it was just one tiny 2% of a game. That is all I was trying to state. And when there wasn't an NDA, I would be much more critical of this game and the version . You would then see that I also, irrespective of my own"fanboyism", can be quite critical and objective of this game. You just jumped into a conversation for no reason. That is your fault.

The snow gave it a much more intriguing atmosphere, combined with the idea of having shootouts in the center of streets, taking cover cars and seeing the big buildings around. It had an air. It felt a bit like HEAT. Now, it is atmospheric. Shadow of the Tomb Raider was atmospheric in its settings. This was not. The color variation isn't striking and is poor. It doesn't have depth.

I'm fine with vibrant surroundings. If they are inventive. I adore the cyberpunk genre and its aesthetic as associated with Blade Runner, of a city of terrible weather or snow, but filled with dark shadows combined and contrasted from the brightly colored corporate advertisements along with neon signs that call your attention. RAGE 2 does colour pretty nicely, IMO. Far Cry New Dawn does it very badly, but the game looks fantastic either way. Metro Exodus retains its identity and air by producing meticulous surroundings despite more color found, while also using the cold and colorless environments too, but all in beautiful looks.

The thing is, It's kinda weird to whining that The Division 2 seems exactly like the first one because I could kinda understand that because it's a match collection. It's like complaining about all Assassins creed looks exactly the same but the thing is, Assassins creed have insane character affects, Story, Missions, Movements etc etc.. From the division 2 the first thing I thought of was" It looks the same as the first person" I played with every assassins creed game and I never felt this way. I feel town like and like they all did was changing the environment to more green. I was really excited and almost pre ordered this game, Just saved 60$. It seems like hes playing. . .You can not even find the end of the road Like, It actually takes me to realize whats around him and that just becomes clear when he gets near the feel. Very disappointing. Yes.This is this!!

March 12, 2019 | Registered CommenterFoging sam