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They ai not gonna jump ship and go all in on cellular games, they've got one studio out of four dedicated to doing that.

It's still a mobile game built for mobiles do not matter how many items they jack it to it is going to feel like a telephone game as will another mobile match ported to other programs. The scale, complexity, and control's demand to be simple enough to operate well on a telephone not to mind the fact that Mobile games are almost always free to play. I know Bethesda has made it their mission to slow down elder scrolls and fallout but nevertheless they haven't fallen to the degree of pick up and play mobile games. This is a reason why the switch is popular the games you play on that have a much different feel from mobile phone games.

So you do not want people to have options on their device to perform ? I like PC, yes, but mobile is just nice. Can't take my desktop and use it in a car, right? I don't game on a phone unless I am away from home. Simple as that. You may play the same game but on various systems, a location where it is not cellular vs console vs PC, it's gaming. Yeah, a great deal of mobile games are shit, but some are enjoyable. I like Fallout Shelter. It is an easy, casual sport to play on a phone, when not at home.

Basically I enjoyed Skyrim thanks to Ogreboss and his Requiem overhaul, which is pretty awesome, regrettably to create another mods to work with it, is pain... exactly same with Fallout and Zawinul's amazing Horizon overhaul, same storyline, it fixes all of trash basic survival and game style, sadly it cannot fix stupidiest story ever (either way it was fun, sadly I can't play it again, to see new features in Horizon 1.6, since I cant stand that dumb story and personalities anymore).Just to enjoy both games at least two times... and I spent modding it longer time, therefore all functions perfect, than I played... and I found, there are super amazing games, which dont want it...

Elder scroll games were allways weak in combat, but were amazing in story, rpg facets, choices, huge world. Bethesda dumbs down narrative and rpg aspect forcing you to be Nora or her husband, or to be some allmighty dragonborn. Combat is still weak, to state the top... after playing Automata or MHW (omg that is some proper dragon killing)... siiigh... One thing that stays is enormous world. Boring and pointless.Seems that only thing flourishing in Skyrim today, and marginally maturing in FO4 too - are gender mods.

Its laughable how little time, care and money Bethesda invests in their names. Howard is as cool as he desire too amongst still loyal fans but the reputation of the company was damaged almost beyond repair. If ES6 is anything other than"game of the year" quality they will never recover. Cant believe how they decided to self destruct on a fast cash grab. Now this is not Howards fault of course. Maybe deep down inside he is as annoyed as the lovers that he must sell them these crappy excuse for a game monetization schemes.Honestly Blades was the thing I was most excited for, cause I do not mind mobile games and that I adore Elder Scrolls, also ES6 is still so far off. I was just worried about my Android not being able to run it before I understood it'd be on multiple platforms (probably getting it for Switch cause I like playing in starfish mode). Yes.This is this!!

March 12, 2019 | Registered CommenterFoging sam