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Anthem isn’t the only game that’s worked through similar issues. Early on in World of Warcraft’s latest expansion, Battle for Azeroth, players would strip gear to become stronger, thanks to the changes to Legion’s legendary items and character scaling. Both titles share a similar issue: Players want to feel like they’ve evolved and grown stronger as a result of finishing the campaign and working through the endgame, but the game struggles to provide that satisfaction.

That's the high-level stuff but there's also a long list of more general fixes. Missions should now end when they're supposed to rather than sometimes leaving everyone in limbo until the game notices you've completed all the objectives, and you'll be able to launch an expedition from anywhere in Fort Tarsis. The base damage of various masterwork weapons has been buffed, though there's no mention of what's happening with the Defender, the starter rifle that is more powerful than anything else.

The four main high level fixes are definitely most welcome and ones that I personally am glad to see. I’ve experienced the “wait and get another beer or two while waiting to be revived” game in certain contracts and Strongholds, as well as some crashes to the Xbox One dashboard and audio cutouts. Not seeing white and green loot drops at Level 30 will be nice as well, at this point it’s just extra junk to get rid of. In addition, glancing through the rest of the fixes, it appears BioWare has addressed some of the other minor issues I’ve encountered from time to time. Best and Cheapest Anthem Boosting For Sale -

While Anthem is an undoubtedly deep game that will take some time to fully explore, it's pretty easy to tell that it's a BioWare game through and through. We've played through the first four hours or so, and given that many people are still on the fence about whether or not Anthem is worth a look, we've decided to review those early moments before Screen Rant publishes a more comprehensive review that includes Anthem's end-game play and the like.

Anthem players are currently boycotting the game and asking their fellow freelancers to join them, to protest the loot drop rates. A Reddit thread proposing that players stop playing Anthem between March 11 and March 15 is currently sitting at over 12,000 upvotes. The blackout is to protest the grind for loot that has left players feeling frustrated after the drop rate was significantly reduced after launch.

BioWare has been making changes and fixes to Anthem since its launch last month, including an initial response to loot concerns and a patch that aims to prevent PS4s from crashing. Even with these changes, there are a lot of problems we feel should be fixed ASAP.

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