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I am fine with Franchise style as it stands now, besides that I wish there was MLB the show stubs a little middle ground between automation and manual controller, mostly in wishing I could approvedeny trades that the CPU comes up with, or that I could give my group some direction in free agency or the draft without needing to do all it.What I did once I got bored of Diamond Dynasty was playing only the MLB network games out of the program. That way I didnt have to play the entire season games.Just a heads up, March to October files become routine franchise documents once you complete the first season, which means you can keep on with the entire control you've got in default franchise mode.

I believe they need to leave franchise mode like it's. They simply have to make it in which you are able to create a new stadium, restructure contracts with signed players at the conclusion of the season if desired or desired, cpu makes in game alterations to good players defensively, show the home crowd of the stadium earning at the base innings when the street team has a insurmountable lead and finally, franchise style is my favourite, so there's not any need to place just that decades all star game uniform and arena on MLB The Show 19. I perform numerous years, therefore a change of venue will take place so please stop doing that. Stop putting the year of MLB The Show 19 on everthing, making me need to quit buying MLB The Show 19 and now I have been buying MLB The Show 19 for years. Oh, and I do play every game of their regular season in franchise style. This makes the playoffs even better.

I miss how franchise used to be in MLB the show. You could purchase training gear, set ticket prices, concessions, etc.. . .buy transportation, all good stuff. They shot all that fantastic stuff out when they place in diamond dynasty.I totally agree identification like to see franchise style and march to Oct merged into one mode for franchise. You might only have a toggle button to turn on and off in the event that you would like to play every game or simply the essential plays like this mode has.I really like the March to October thought... I have been playing Buy MLB The Show 19 Stubs since'07 and I have always had a tough time playing an whole season w/ one team, let alone multiple seasons, which is the idea of franchise, right? I don't need to take away anything from anyone, but I believe M2O is a brilliant concept and compromise.

April 2, 2019 | Registered CommenterRsking dom