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For half a century, Dior has always maintained a noble and elegant style. This is the hallmark of this brand. Because of this, we see the number of Replica Cheap Dior Handbags in street fashion photography and fashion week every year, so I want to buy so many people, but when you start, you should know that the maintenance of famous bags is also very important. Here are some tips for taking care of Fake Dior Designer Handbags. People who like Dior can pay attention to them.
The handbag is lightning rusty: you can wipe it with a silver cloth (small reminder, then wipe the silver cloth, don't wash it. Because it is useless to wash off special materials) outside! If the zipper is wet, cover it with a kitchen towel or a high-quality napkin and leave it in a well-ventilated place (not exposed to the sun). Do not use newspapers, the ink on the newspaper will stick to the Replica Luxury Handbag.
Metal parts for external metal parts: Prepare a soft cloth for frequent rubbing and try to avoid hitting hard objects in everyday use. If you do not use a bag, it is best to wrap the metal parts with a dust-proof and waterproof electrostatic film. Pay attention to the electrostatic film. Do not use sticky materials such as tape. Most strips are corrosive and difficult to tear. The bag's hands prevent wear and rust: these parts often stick to the skin, and metal parts can fade and stain the skin, "painting different colors". Cross color cannot be avoided during normal use. During the preservation process, care should be taken to place the moving parts in a reasonable position to avoid rubbing the skin.
I believe that people who buy famous bags such as Dior will clean them regularly. After cleaning, it must be wrapped in plastic wrap and placed in a moisture-proof bag. If you haven't used it for a long time, don't forget to take it out and play it regularly to avoid the weather, so that the bag is not wet and smells.

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