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Bags are a must for all women, everyday bags, handbags, fashion bags and more. Every lady is a loyal bag, but dear sisters, buy a bag before you find the next bag for yourself! Because even if you have a lot of packages, but no one is right for you, it is a waste of time to buy them! Here are some tips you should know! Make it easy to choose the right Chloe bag.
1 bag and face type. People with strong three-dimensional facial features and high cheekbones can choose people with clear lines and neutral metal styles. The small features and rounded faces are more suitable for sweet and beautiful gram, and the decoration is more beautiful. Loy bag.
2 chest pockets. When the bag is under the arm, it can only be seen from the front. Therefore, MM full breasts and thicker waist should choose rectangular and slender rectangular Replica Discount Chloe Handbags; flat chest and slimming MM should choose the triangular package of side thickness. Let the upper circle be slightly filled. This choice is a big advantage for your image.
3 bags and height. Different heights should be combined with different sizes of packaging, but how to choose is not troublesome? If the height is 165 cm or higher, try choosing a full-size Replica Chloe Handbag about 60 cm long that can be loaded vertically into the store. However, if the height is below 158 cm, you should choose a full length of about 50 cm. Place an A4 paper sized bag and extend the graphics. It looks a bit higher.
4 bags and positions, when using a small shoulder strap, you can use a small hand to fix the bag to avoid the front and back of the bag; the Replica Luxury Handbag needs to be pulled into the arm, the elbow is naturally tilted 90 degrees to the waist; this bag can be held in one hand On the chest, or naturally along the length of the entire arm, next to the thigh, the sister should not put a strapless bag under the arm! It looks like a beautiful visual experience! You can introduce yourself!

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