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Dior combines the understated and melancholy temperament of the UK with the refined elegance of France. In addition to high fashion, Dior's business also extends to perfumes, furs, knitwear, underwear, cosmetics, jewelry and shoes. Constant innovation and change always maintain an elegant style and unique taste, especially the classic Fake Discount Dior Handbag has always been the favorite of the fashion industry.
For Dior's loyal powder, it's not that easy to buy a bag of their favorite style at the store at the right price, so many people want to buy it, but there are fakes in the bag. Goods, this loyal powder, they spent so much money on buying fakes, it is estimated that this is broken by sorrow. Then share with you how to distinguish between true and false from the False Luxury Bags collection.
Portable parts. The Fake Luxury Handbags is fixed, it can only be fixed, but some imitation of the lady's hand will fall, the leather part of the hand, the front of the round is very soft and full, the imitation is relatively flat, no beauty,
Metal parts. Looking at Ms. Dior's metal counterpart, it's hard to distinguish it from the texture, but they say that a lot of fake Lady Dior can see the metal buckle attached to the hand, this round metal buckle is the word engraved on the back of the CD. The screws are fixed on the back, in the form, many imitations have a cross shape, and the lower part of the Lady Dior bag is made of metal nails, and the protective skin is not erased.
Hanging decorations. The metal texture of the letter "dior" is a symbol of the "lady-dior" symbol hanging on the ring, to give women the taste of four DIOR symbols to form a key ring, the most obvious sign is the leather bag "Replica Christian Dior Handbags". See if the skin is easy to erase hot stamping.
Lined. The Lady Dior lining is the easiest to see and is the most overlooked part of the bag. The Lady Dior has a thin knit lining that is very similar to the Prada lining. The pattern and lining are very flat and can be turned out at the same time.

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