We have featured segments from the Stan Solomon Show below where the guests have died, gone to heaven and returned to life.

  • In this April 22, 2014 segment with James Wilburn Chauncey he describes how at age 7 he witnessed his own death and coming back to life. What he tells his parents about who he saw while he was in "paradise" caused them to be shocked. His story is told in the book "Eyewitness To Heaven".


  • This June 3rd segment features Bruce Van Natta author of a "A Miraculous Life" and founder of SweetBreadMinistries.com. Bruce tells his horrible near death experience by being crushed by a timber semi-tractor. He was smashed, died and now has had a full recovery. He shows the scar that runs up the middle of his torso which evidences the many operations he has had to bring him back. His spirit and zeal for life is evident as he relates this amazing experience. Bruce tells of being above his body seeing two angels holding each side of his body while he had no pulse. He describes going down the tunnel of light and hearing the woman EMT calling him back. He tells of things that happened in the garage while he was "dead".